STAVEN AD is a company established in 2007. It’s main activity is purchasing agricultural land all over Bulgaria, its management and renting. In order to consolidate the land and for its efficient use, STAVEN participates in the realization of various land consolidation projects, some of which have already been finalized. Our team offers its partners and clients legal and financial services. The company has offices and representatives throughout the country.

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Proposed Agricultural Land Law Postponed For A Year

The members of the Agricultural Committee finally adopted a decision yesterday to postpone the examination of the new Land Law as the official motive is the expected new EU Common Agricultural Policy, and the unofficial one being too much criticism from various branch organizations with BAALO only yesterday repeating again some of its arguments against the law.

The main motive for the postponement is that "preparation for the new programming period of the CAP requires consideration by the nat ...
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Stayko Staykov: Adoption Of Proposed Agricultural Land Law Should Be Postponed

“In a rule- of- law state no one is allowed to seize unjustified ownership of agricultural land. This is unthinkable and all the other stream of problems all stem from that. Therefore, we must first solve the problem of ownership”, firmly states Stayko Staykov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land (BAALO) for Agri. BG.

Agricultural Land Owners: First Severe Criticism of the Agricultural Land Bill.
Today the Association has sent its official opinion on the draft Agricult ...
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Agricultural Land Owners: Initial Harsh Criticism towards Draft Land Law

“The changes in the law are neither numerous nor important. They practically follow the same negative patterns used to govern agricultural land relations for the past 10 – 15 years.” The above has been stated in a draft preliminary view by BAALO (the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners) regarding the currently proposed Land Act, opened for public discussion until 5 December 2019.

Draft law on agricultural land close-up: annuities, agricultural land consolidation and contracts.
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