At present, the irrigated land in the country is no more than 10%, and it is equipped with many old facilities, which waste a lot of water in fact. This is what Stayko Staykov, the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners said for

Rusalov: Changes in the Land Law will increase the amount of the white spots

"For the past five years in our country there is a tendency for lasting drought. At present, water goes to Turkey and Greece, and it is pointless to be said that groundwater should be changed in Bulgaria. It is a shame that we cannot protect our own interest. We believe that the new Land Law will explain how the irrigation will take place" Staykov said.

Now we are at that stage, as far as we can, the bigger companies and the association, do consolidation of ownership when consolidation projects between us are not planned. But eventually in Southern Bulgaria we will not be able to handle the next 10 years without irrigation, he added.

"Our subvention is very small and we have been struggling in order to keep it, and when it comes to the production, it is some kind of a supplement. This will please everyone, because it is now frivolous to say that we, as an agrarian country with a highly conventional agriculture, will reduce the subventions of the owners and the tenants because it will cause a big problem. And since the difference in subsidies amongst Europe is clearly visible, it is better to target additional funds where they are needed and not to reduce others" the chairman concluded.