In the Orthodox Calendar Saint Trifon is celebrated on 1 February. The holiday is included in a cycle of three consecutive days called “Trifontsi” - 1, 2, 3 February, which are celebrated on 1 February - Trifonovden, on February 2 - Candlemas and on February 3 - St. Simeon. The last two days are associated with the introduction of Jesus into the temple of Saint Simeon, and in the folk tradition they are worshiped in honor of the wolves that give birth to their little ones during this period.

During the festival women do not cut with scissors, so that the mouth of the wolf does not open, do not knit, do not spin and do not sew. They prepare ritual bread, and after they hand it out to the neighbors, they put some morsels of the bread in the stern of the animals - to protect both livestock and people from the wolves.


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